Saudi Arabia affirms support to promote respect for international humanitarian law

Saudi Arabia affirms support to promote respect for international humanitarian law

RIYADH (Rahnuma): Saudi Arabia stressed its support for the rule of law, which promotes respect for international humanitarian law in order to achieve what is best for humanity, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

During a meeting of the UN General Assembly’s Sixth Committee, the Kingdom highlighted that “achieving the rule of law comes through effective multilateral engagement.”

Addressing the committee, Nida Abu Ali, first secretary and member of the Kingdom’s permanent delegation to the UN, said: “The principles and objectives of the Charter of the United Nations, signed by the Kingdom in 1945, are based on achieving peace and security, both of which are important pillars to ensure the protection of human rights for the rule of law, justice and equality in a changing world full of challenges in the light of constant changes.

“The UN Charter also comes from the shared responsibility of states to face internal and international challenges.”

Abu Ali said that, since its inception, the Kingdom has adopted a clear foreign policy characterized by moderation, diplomacy and transparency in political moves. She explained that in its foreign policy, the Kingdom commits to international conventions and treaties, international law, and continuous and constructive interaction with the international community via international or regional organizations.

She said that the Kingdom’s continued active engagement in that can be seen in its proactiveness in establishing regional organizations, such as the League of Arab States and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), while adhering to the principle of state sovereignty and local laws.

“The Kingdom welcomes the efforts of this system for the rule of law and to achieve sustainable development under the principles of its international Charter,” Abu Ali continued, “The Kingdom also pledges to fulfill all its obligations to the UN and its specialized agencies through providing moral, political and financial support to their activities as it believes in their ability to achieve the desired goals.”

She said: “The Kingdom agrees with member states on the importance of concerted action by the international community, the need for international cooperation based on shared responsibility, and the necessity of demonstrating a stronger commitment to a global system operating in accordance with international law to meet the challenges that have arisen and negatively impacted national and international rule of law structures, such as climate change, the rise of hate speech, and incitement to violence, in particular.”

“We commend in this regard the role of the UN secretary-general in addressing this through preparing an integrated action plan to address hate speech, and we appreciate the efforts led by the high representative for the alliance of civilizations to help protect religious sanctities,” she added.

Abu Ali emphasized the need to beware of the repercussions of the current situation, which has led to a rise in Islamophobia, as well as the need to adopt legal strategies that discourage hate speech and racism against minorities as a result of their religious beliefs.

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