Saudi Arabia condemns intervention in domestic affairs of states

Saudi Arabia condemns intervention in domestic affairs of states

RIYAHD (Rahnuma): The Kingdom condemns intervention in the domestic affairs of states and support for terrorist forces and armed militias that target the region’s states and undermine their institutions, the Saudi Press Agency reported the speaker of the Shoura Council saying.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Asheikh was addressing the 15th session of the Conference of the Federation of  Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

The conference declared its commitment to the fundamental principles of the OIC, especially with regard to not intervening with the domestic affairs of others, respecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of states, and peacefully settling differences through dialogue.

The Ouagadougou Declaration also emphasized its determination to continue the positive and effective contributions to the work of the UN and its specialized agencies, including the establishment of world peace and regional security as well as respecting human rights and state sovereignty.

The declaration stressed the international community’s responsibility to resolve the conflict in the Middle East by enabling Palestinians to exercise their legitimate rights and establish an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital, in addition to creating conditions for the return of Palestinian refugees to their homeland in accordance with the relevant international legitimacy resolutions.

Al-Asheikh said Palestine was the Kingdom’s primary cause and commanded the greatest attention in its foreign policies.

The speaker said that the humanitarian situation in Yemen required a serious stand from the international community to put an end to the tragedy, as the Houthi militia continued to deviate from the internationally recognized government in Yemen in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2216 and continued to impede the delivery of humanitarian aid.

The speaker said that Saudi Arabia was committed during its G20 presidency to promoting global consensus and cooperation with the group’s partners to address future challenges. The next G20 summit will be held in Riyadh in November.

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