Saudi Arabia keen to support all means to wipe out terrorism: Information minister

Author: ARAB NEWSSun, 2017-07-02 04:19ID: 1498948053256240800
JEDDAH: The Minister of Culture and Information, Awwad bin Saleh Al-Awwad, has stressed the Kingdom’s keenness to “support all means to contain and wipe out terrorism, and end its funding.”
Al-Awwad’s remarks came at the conclusion of his three-day visit to Germany where he met officials of the German Parliament, national security, and representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
He said the German officials had been understanding over the position of the Kingdom and other Arab and Gulf nations regarding the severing of relations with Qatar.
This came after they had been provided with information “proving Qatar’s involvement in funding terrorism and extremism.”
He added that through its coverage Al Jazeera described these terrorists as “heroes and leaders” inciting terrorist operations.
Al-Awwad said Al Jazeera had broadcast documentaries praising the New York Sept. 11 bombers, portraying them as “great heroes,” when they were “murderers and criminals who shed blood and destroyed lives and property with no mercy.”
“Although Al Jazeera promotes slogans such as ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘opinion verses other opinion,’ it actually uses these as devices to pass Qatar’s agenda in spreading violence, extremism and interference in the internal affairs of other countries,” he said, adding: “As well as the misrepresentation of facts and falsifying events in line with its criminal plans against human life, security, and stability in the region.”
Al-Awwad said Qatar had sought to mislead public opinion “in order to cover its criminal activities over many years.”
On the World Cup, he said Qatar had used money to win “deceitfully.”
“But it will never be able to deceive anymore after having its evil intentions exposed to the world in supporting and sponsoring terrorism,” he added.
“Qatar must reconsider its positions in supporting terrorism and taking the right path to contribute to protecting global security. Therefore, Qatar must extradite criminals and stop the flow of financial support to individuals and institutions included in terrorist lists,” Al-Awwad said.
The minister said he met with the German Parliament’s Deputy Speaker Claudia Roth and provided her with information on Qatar’s involvement in supporting terrorism.
He explained that she then saw proof of “Qatar’s corrupt approach.”
Al-Awwad said Qatar, in cooperation with Iran, had worked to falsify facts and spread misinformation by claiming injustice through false information.
He said his visit to Germany was meant to reveal the truth with clear-cut evidence categorically condemning Qatar for its financing and sponsoring of terrorism.
Al-Awwad said the German foreign minister would visit the Kingdom soon to bolster cooperation between the two countries.
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