Saudi Arabian car companies see boost in demand for female drivers

Saudi Arabian car companies see boost in demand for female drivers

JEDDAH (Rahnuma) : Car dealerships, agencies and companies in Saudi Arabia have witnessed a remarkable turnout after the decree allowing women to drive was implemented on June 24, Saudi Press Agency reported.

As a result, some agencies have established an advisory board, and conducted research surveys to take advantage of this vital and strategic decision by collecting information and build plans to deal with this qualitative shift in the Saudi society.
The move has seen economic recovery in many related sectors such as insurance, maintenance and car accessories.

Some agencies have also opened female showrooms and recruited and trained qualified Saudi women to understand the specifications and advantages of vehicles, safety and car prices to facilitate the delivery of information to those wishing to buy cars.

Some car companies have also given women the opportunity to experience driving for the first time and learn from their relatives, with the help of trainers, to refine their leadership skills and build trust through a special training course.

Surveys and studies have been conducted throughout the Kingdom that indicate to some of the factors that govern the purchase of cars by females, including age group, social status and purchasing power.

The majority of women were careful when choosing the type of car and safety is the main priority, the SPA reported.

Saudi women are seeking vehicles equipped with the highest security methods, such as seat belts, airbags and blind spots, for protection in the event of an accident.

The height of the car was also a relevant factor, along with the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, speeding and breaking.

Regular check ups, maintenance and repairs are also an important factor in safety, to protect against traffic accidents, particularly checking tire pressure to avoid the possibility of an explosion.

Furthermore, when purchasing a vehicle, car companies are also offering women after-sales services, such as road assistance, securing spare parts and servicing vehicles, in addition to setting up opinion polls and listening to their views on all matters related to women’s driving.

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