Saudi Arabia’s Jazan Heritage Village ready to receive visitors

Saudi Arabia’s Jazan Heritage Village ready to receive visitors

(RAHNUMA): The Tourism Development Council in Jazan has completed the development work for Jazan Heritage Village in time for the launch of the port city’s 12th winter festival, the Saudi Press Agency reported.
The heritage village is located on the southern corniche and the event has the slogan “Beautiful Jazan, Everyone’s Winter Resort.”

The village director, Moussa bin Ali Namis, said the development work included increasing green spaces and growing the plants that Jazan is known for, adding shops, building special pathways for people with special needs and visitors. Buildings and relaxation areas for reading have been stocked with cultural books written by Jazan’s writers and poets.

He said that the development work also included setting up a cinema to present movies and short documentaries that introduce the region’s heritage and tourism to the audience.

He said the chairman of Jazan Winter Festival’s High Commission, Abdullah Al-Mudaimeigh, was following up on the development work in the village.

Jazan Heritage Village allows visitors to see Jazan’s history and lifestyle through a traditional mud hut, a home suited to mountainous climes, and a house representing Farasan Island.

The village was established in 2009 based on the directives of the governor of Jazan, Prince Muhammad bin Nasser bin Abdul Aziz, following the success of the first winter festival, which honored the region’s heritage and archaeological treasures. The village has become a mainstay for this festival.

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