Saudi Arabia’s Misk celebrates success of Future Seekers program

Saudi Arabia’s Misk celebrates success of Future Seekers program

RIYADH (RAHNUMA): The Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation’s Future Seekers training program has benefited 118,000 people across Saudi Arabia, helping equip and prepare citizens with core skills to accelerate the Kingdom’s digital transformation.

In partnership with Udacity, a project-based active learning platform that aims to help learners gain digital skills and ready them for the job market, the program exceeded its targets by 16,000 students.
Misk honored its partners — the Ministry of Education, the Institute of Public Administration, and the Human Resources Development Fund — who played an essential role in supporting the program’s progress.

It included four areas of learning: Artificial intelligence, product management, business analysis, and digital marketing, in both Arabic and English to widen opportunities for beneficiaries.

According to its website, a Future Seekers journey extends for six weeks, covering topics such as introduction to AI for business, introduction to business analytics, digital marketing fundamentals, and more.

The CEO of Misk’s Programs and Initiatives Department, Omar Najjar, said the foundation is proud of the impact achieved by the program. He underlined that it was successful despite the difficulties that accompanied the launch as a result of the coronavirus disease pandemic.

Najjar explained that the spread of COVID-19 was a chance to adapt and invent new methods of work, and that the Future Seekers program aimed to prepare young men and women to keep pace with changes in the labor market, and to bridge the gap between current skillsets and the nation’s needs and ambitions.

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