Saudi Aramco in drive to ­curb emissions

Author: Arab NewsSun, 2017-10-29 03:00ID: 1509221300109592700LONDON: Saudi Aramco has joined other global energy companies in announcing an investment package for new and promising technologies to curb emissions. President and CEO of Aramco, Amin Nasser, met major leaders in energy and climate sectors on Friday at the annual meeting of investment group Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI), which will implement these innovations. Nasser said Saudi Aramco was committed to focusing on research and development to innovate emission-lowering technologies and transforming them into commercial products and projects that are cost-effective and have significant environmental advantages.“We are taking advantage of our global network of research and development centers that include a wide range of international and Saudi scientists and researchers to create future solutions in the transport sector,” Nasser said.Converge Technology, for example, helps produce low-GHG footprint polymers that have a commercial market and at the same time are characterized by a reduced ecological footprint. Nasser added that “the implemented investments to benefit from the innovations of Solidia Technologies and Achates Power companies, and the development and construction of the first commercial gas-generating power plant which is capable of capturing, storing and using carbon, are considered the best demonstration of the determination and persistence of OGCI to address the dilemma of global warming through innovative solutions.” These investments are in line with Saudi Aramco’s efforts to lower emissions that cause global warming in the energy sector.In a joint statement, OGCI member companies said that natural gas is a vital part of the transformation process toward a future of low carbon emissions. “Our aim is to work toward near-zero methane emissions from the gas value chain. We are also committed to ensure that natural gas continues to deliver its clear climate and clean air benefit compared with coal,” the statement read.
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