Saudi Cabinet slams terror attacks

Saudi Cabinet slams terror attacks

RIYADH (Rahnuma) : The Saudi Cabinet chaired by King Salman on Tuesday strongly condemned terrorist attacks that killed hundreds of innocent people in four countries.

The Cabinet highlighted attacks in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Somalia and Afghanistan, and said the Kingdom stands in solidarity with all countries against violence, terrorism and extremism. The attacks are a threat to international security and stability, the Cabinet added.

Cabinet members expressed their appreciation to Saudi security forces for thwarting an attack on the Interior Ministry building in the city of Zulfi on Sunday, and arresting all suspects.

Media Minister Turki Al-Shabanah said the Cabinet is watching oil markets following the recent US refusal to extend waivers on Iranian oil exports. The Cabinet also expressed its support for US steps to curb Iran’s support of terrorism.

The Cabinet also reiterated the Kingdom’s well-established policy through which it seeks to stabilize the global oil market in the larger interests of oil producers and consumers and to ensure the growth and stability of the world economy.

The ministers also discussed the statement issued at the conclusion of the Arab League’s extraordinary session held in Cairo to deliberate upon the recent developments in the Palestinian territories.

The Cabinet praised Saudi Arabia and the UAE for offering $3 billion in aid to Sudan, including a $500 million deposit in the Central Bank.

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