Saudi delegation participates in symposium on regional security, transnational crimes

Author: RASHID HASSANWed, 2017-11-08 21:22ID: 1510178214087628000RIYADH: A Saudi delegation participated in an international symposium on regional security and transnational crimes in Taiwan that exchanged ideas on modern threats and security issues.
The two-day symposium was organized by the Investigations Bureau of the Taiwan’s Ministry of Justice in Taipei, said Muhammad Khurram Khan, a professor of cybersecurity at King Saud University, who represented KSU in the international symposium attended by experts from 33 countries.
Khan, who just returned from Taiwan, told Arab News on Wednesday that the main objective of this symposium was to discuss and exchange ideas and knowledge about modern threats, crimes and security issues in the region that could undermine the overall security of nations.
Khan said: “This conference was very important to create harmony and dialogue against emerging global security challenges.”
He further stated that networking and information exchanges with other attendees of this conference will enable the Kingdom to enhance skills and approaches to address different facets of terrorism and crimes across borders.
The government of Taiwan invited over 155 foreign scholars, law-enforcement agents, political representatives, think-tanks and senior officials from 33 countries to attend this symposium for exchanging ideas and creating synergy in curbing transnational crimes.
Recommendations from the symposium underlined that the criminal groups and terrorist organizations that use modern science and technology, social media, cyberspace and other resources, have seriously threatened national and regional stability, and should be dealt with seriously.
In addition, global law enforcement agencies must take steps and adopt modern strategies to effectively control emerging cross-border crimes and combat international terrorism, both in the physical space or cyberspace.
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