Saudi dialogue center calls for religious cooperation against violence

Author: ARAB NEWSSat, 2017-04-29 03:00ID: 1493418213913533800CAIRO: Followers of different faiths should cooperate against calls for violence under religious pretexts and bring back the values of peace, mercy and cohabitation, the undersecretary of the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Dialogue Center (KAICIID) said at Al-Azhar International Conference for Peace in Cairo. “Peace is a human requirement that was called for by all prophets,” whose messages were “built on kinship and brotherhood between mankind,” said Faisal bin Abdulrahman, adding that human beings take their moral values and principles from religion.The region’s many political struggles throughout history have exploited religious values, leading to ugly clashes and behavior that is unrelated to religion, he said. “These behaviors express thoughts that have nothing to do with our culture and history, and contradict religious values, including those of Islam.”These behaviors hinder communication between followers of different religions and of the same faith, he said.Those who justify their crimes against humanity in the name of religion are criminals, he said, adding that the focus should be on religion’s role in achieving peace. He called for practical solutions to the shedding of innocent blood in the name of religion, saying when extremists do so, they are serving their political goals, not defending religion. “We in KAICIID realize the dangerous implications of separating religion from politics… and believe that this division between religious and political leaders only serves callers of hatred and violence. From this viewpoint, we strive to build bridges between the two parties through dialogue,” he said. “People should believe that all religious, linguistic and cultural content in communities… is deep-rooted in their history and contributes to building their civilization and future in complete partnership with their brethren.” KAICIID is an international organization established upon the Kingdom’s initiative in 2012 to express the wish of more than 1.6 billion Muslims to have dialogue, cohabitate and build peace, he said. KAICIID is supported by King Salman to show the Saudi role in enhancing the Islamic alliance against terrorism and extremism, he added. “The message of the Center is summed up in pushing the march of dialogue and understanding between cultures and religions, as well as instilling the basis of justice and peace between nations and standing up to the exploitation of religion in justifying oppression and violence,” he said.KAICIID delivers its message by building bridges between religious leaders and policymakers to help solve conflicts where religion is used, as well as by exchanging viewpoints and expertise, and by coordinating efforts to achieve peace in communities, he added. KAICIID has hosted more than 50 religious leaders from various religions and sects, established 11 networks and programs in eight countries in Asia and Africa, participated in organizing 25 conferences in 10 countries, and held 16 training sessions in 11 countries and 37 workshops in 13 countries.
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