Saudi Islamic Ministry distributes dates around the world

Saudi Islamic Ministry distributes dates around the world

RIYADH (Rahnuma):  The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Da’wah and Guidance, represented by the office of the Saudi cultural attaché in Kazakhstan, distributed high-quality dates in various Kazakhstani cities as part of King Salman’s gift of dates.

The Kingdom has distributed four tons of dates in Kazakhstan so far, along with a number of Qur’ans and scientific publications.

The Kazakh people, along with a large number of religious and political leaders, all commended the Kingdom’s efforts under the leadership of King Salman and his Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to serve Muslims around the globe.

The people of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina also expressed their thanks and appreciation for the Kingdom’s work among Muslim communities around the world through the efforts of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and its programs abroad.

During the distribution of dates at the King Fahd Cultural Center in Sarajevo the beneficiaries asked God to protect the Kingdom, its wise leadership and its generous people.

Similarly, under the ministry’s supervision, the Da’wah office at the Kingdom’s Embassy in Pakistan distributed high-quality dates to beneficiaries across the country, amid praise for the Pakistani people and officials.

This program is being implemented during the holy month of Ramadan in accordance with the directives of the minister of Islamic affairs, Sheikh Abdullatif Al-Asheikh.

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