Saudi King Salman orders granting Citizenship to “creative and talented” people from all over the world

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman honors Dr. Nizar Madani, Apr. 24, 2019. (SPA)

Riyadh (Rahnuma) King Salman of Saudi Arabia ordered granting Saudi citizenship to creative and talented people from all over the world in the fields of Shariah, medicine, science, culture, sports, mathematics, computers, and many other areas, according to Sabq daily report.

According to the report, King Salman’s ordered to refer all the names of all the people eligible for the Saudi citizenship from all over the world, including distinguished and creative people from the displaced tribes in Saudi Arabia, the children of Saudi women and people born in Saudi Arabia who meet the conditions mentioned.

Yemeni expatriates who are currently living in the kingdom will also be granted Saudi nationality.

The step has been taken according to the royal order which was issued two months ago, which aims at attracting distinguished scholars, intellectuals, creative people and specialists.

Leila Al Hilali, a family therapist in Jeddah told UAE-based The National, “This is a very important step that is much needed in the kingdom to diversify its economy and culture,” Ms Al Hilali told.

The royal order is In line with Kingdom’s Vision 2030, that aims at creating an attractive environment where the Kingdom can make best use the human talents and capabilities, and attract distinguished creative people from around the world to live in Saudi Arabia.

Haider Hussain, Partner at immigration consultancy Fragomen UAE told The National, “the economic and social benefits Saudi Arabia will reap from this initiative will be tremendous in terms of collaboration, openness, competitiveness and entrepreneurship”.

“These benefits will directly contribute to the advancement of the kingdom’s private and public sector, and will stimulate a stronger sense of community and tolerance between nationals and foreigners,” he added.

A report published by Saudi Gazette states that, “the royal order stipulates naturalizing outstanding, distinguished and creative people in various fields, including forensic science, medical science, pharmacology, mathematics, computers, technology, agriculture, nuclear and renewable energy, industry, oil and gas, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, applications, big data, software engineering, robotics, high performance computers, nanotechnology, environment, geology, aerospace and aviation.”

The royal order wants talented and creative people in culture, sports, arts and other areas that can contribute to supporting and enhancing Saudi capabilities.

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