Saudi Shoura Council convenes session online to tackle various measures

Saudi Shoura Council Speaker Dr. Abdullah Al-Asheikh chairs an online session of the council in Riyadh on Monday. (SPA)

RIYADH (RAHNUMA): Saudi Shoura Council Speaker Dr. Abdullah Al-Asheikh convened a session of the council online on Monday during which it approved proposals to amend and finance the system to combat terrorism, said Assistant Speaker Dr. Yahya bin Abdullah Al-Samaan.

Al-Samaan said the council also called on the General Accounting Bureau to expedite work on the recovery of state dues.

The council, he said, approved the draft system of the Tourism Development Fund.

It also called on the Ministry of Economy and Planning to publish  digital indicators for the performance of different sectors and regional sustainable development. The Shoura Council urged the ministry to release economic indicators regularly.

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