Saudi Shoura Council wants steps to assess public agencies

Saudi Shoura Council wants steps to assess public agencies

RIYADH (Rahnuma) : The Shoura Council called for the National Center for Performance Measurement (Adaa) to develop an indicator that evaluates the cooperation of public agencies.

This resolution was adopted by the council during its 51st ordinary session, which was held on Monday and headed by the council’s deputy chairman, Abdullah bin Salim Al-Mutani.

The council produced the resolution after reviewing the management and human resources committee’s perspective on Adaa’s annual report for 2017/2018, presented by the chairman, Maadi Al-Mathhab.

The council called for Adaa to add an indicator to its methodology for the performance measurement of public agencies.

The council also requested the center to better control its finances and rationalize its expenditures.

In another resolution, the council agreed to create a special committee to assess “the proposal to challenge the divorce system,” from members Prince Dr. Khalid bin Abdullah bin Mishari and Dr. Khaled Al-Aqee.

Lastly, the council agreed on a draft memorandum of understanding (MoU) for cooperation in the military use of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System between the Saudi Ministry of Defense and the Equipment Development Commission in China.

They reached this decision after being briefed by the head of the security affairs committee, Maj. Gen. Ali Asiri.

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