Saudi vote ‘clearly supports’ Kyiv’s sovereignty, Ukrainian ambassador tells Arab News

Saudi vote ‘clearly supports’ Kyiv’s sovereignty, Ukrainian ambassador tells Arab News

RIYADH (RAHNUMA): “I’m very proud to recognize that Saudi Arabia recently voted in favor of the latest United Nations General Assembly resolution, clearly supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity” Ukraine Ambassador to the Kingdom, Anatolii Petrenko told Arab News.

Saudi Arabia’s recent vote in favor of UN resolution not to recognize the four regions annexed by Russia.

Ambassador Petrenko, added, “Secondly, this position is the strong testimony of Saudi Arabia’s commitment to the principles and essential provisions of international law, and wisdom of your political leadership and true friendship of Saudi people and their passion for Ukraine.”

Since the beginning of the war, Saudi Arabia has repeatedly expressed its support for alleviating the humanitarian effects of the conflict and will continue to mediate between all parties, resulting in the release of 300 prisoners in September.

In an interview with Arab News, President Zelensky personally thanked the Crown Prince’s mediation efforts which resulted in “brilliant results.”

Petrenko believes this move is a powerful example, “And I also believe this is a very powerful example for many Gulf countries and for many countries in the world.”

In August, the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center pledged $10 million to help fund emergency health and shelter projects for Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

Ambassador Petrenko expressed that, “this resolution represents solid foundations to proceed with our much needed and beneficial economic operation and all forms of humanitarian partnership, because we have to recognize that our people do have reciprocal sympathy to each other. All of that will be based always on consistent political solidarity and viable diplomacy that Ukraine is committed to continue.”

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