Scout Camp launched to serve pilgrims in Madinah

Scout Camp launched to serve pilgrims in Madinah

JEDDAH (Rahnuma) The activities of the Scout Camp were launched to serve pilgrims in Madinah during this year’s Hajj season. It is overseen by the Saudi Scouts Association, with the participation of 500 chief and scout members.

The Director of Education in Madinah, Nasser bin Abdullah Al-Abdulkarim, who is supervising the scout camp to serve the pilgrims in the region, said that the launch was preceded by an early preparation of the public service camp headquarters in Madinah and the scheduling of preparation programs and training courses for participants in the camp, whether chiefs or scouts members.

He stressed that all the participants in the scout camp should serve the pilgrims in the best way, providing top voluntary services to them, indicating that the scout camp serving the pilgrims in Madinah, is working under the umbrella of Hajj committee, headed by Prince Faisal bin Salman, governor of Madinah.

Abdulkarim added that, with the follow-up of the Minister of Education and Chairman of the Saudi Scout Association, Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Issa, the scouts will provide their voluntary services with a number of concerned parties to serve the pilgrims in Madinah. He stressed the spirit of voluntary work and patriotism in the scout camp.

The commander of the scout camp, serving the pilgrims in Madinah, Dr. Mohammed bin Sabeel Al-Juhani, confirmed the scout camp was ready to be the starting point for the great services provided for pilgrims.

He added that the services provided are in line with the support of the Ministries of Hajj and Umrah, Islamic Affairs, Da’wah, Guidance, Health, and Commerce. The scouts start by collecting info and data about the surroundings of the mosque. One of many the voluntary services they provide is to guide any lost pilgrims to the guidance centers of the Ministry of Hajj.

He added that scouts are deployed in locations already identified for them, to provide assistance to elderly pilgrims and to transport them in golf carts. They will also help the Ministry of Health in a number of hospitals and health centers surrounding the Prophet’s Mosque, supporting a number of voluntary humanitarian services for pilgrims.

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