Second edition of T10 League will be bigger, says chairman

Second edition of T10 League will be bigger, says chairman

New Delhi (Rahnuma):Having made its debut in Dubai last year, the second edition of the newly ICC recognised T10 cricket League, starting later this year will be a much bigger tournament, feels league chairman Shaji Ul Mulk.

“The first edition was more of a trial. We discussed to extend it to 28 matches. The latest development is that recently ICC has given the sanction. So you can expect much bigger tournament with much bigger participation,” Shaji Ul Mulk told IANS.

Recently, it was decided to include two new teams which will increase the duration of the tournament.

Karachians, owned by Muhammad Imran Amin, Muhammed Ali Ahmed and Mohsin Imran, and Northern Warriors, owned by Shahbaz Ilyas, Mohomed Morani and Lucky Morani, will make their debut in the league.

“If you increase the number of matches and playing days you need more teams to play. From this the standard will actually be better because T10 is such a unique format,” he said.

Shaji Ul Mulk also said many international cricketers have lauded this format as it improves the skills of a player.

“Many international cricketers have complimented this format. T10 brings special skills, it brings bigger focus, the ability to score in every ball.

“You can see many international cricketers doing well, so we believe T10 will improve the skills for the game,” he added.

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