Second massive demonstration against Hungarian PM held in Budapest

Second massive demonstration against Hungarian PM held in Budapest

BUDAPEST,— Just one week after a massive demonstration against Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a second protest with the participation of several tens of thousands of people was held here on Saturday after Orban’s third consecutive election victory on April 8.

The crowd, of which the number was put at 100,000 people by the organizers, gathered in front of the parliament’s building and took a march in the inner city of Budapest to hear the speeches at a podium set up at the foot of the Erzsebet Bridge.

Organizers, just like a week before, were private individuals and civil organizations. In last week’s protest, the demonstrators called for new elections. This time, the main objective of the event was the creation of unbiased and objective public media and a call for unification and cooperation between opposition parties.

One of the organizers, Balazs Gulyas said that the demonstrators had to stand by the civil organizations, and by the independent justice and local authorities,

The elections saw a large victory of the Hungarian conservative prime minister, whose Fidesz-KDNP coalition received 133 seats of 199 in the parliament according to the official figures.

The comments of the government is not available now.

A third large demonstration was planned to be organized on May 8, on the occasion of the first session of the new parliament.

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