Security forces at Prophet’s Mosque ready to serve pilgrims

Security forces at Prophet’s Mosque ready to serve pilgrims

JEDDAH (Rahnuma) Security forces at the Prophet’s Mosque are providing humanitarian services to the pilgrims and maintaining security in the Prophet’s Mosque. They are also controling crowds to ensure the smooth and easy entry and exit of pilgrims around the clock through the gates and in the surrounding squares.

Brig. Abdul Rahman Al-Mishhan, commander of the special forces of the Prophet’s Mosque, told the Saudi Press Agency that the security forces began to implement their security plan well ahead of the 2018 Hajj season.

“This plan comprises several elements, starting with the security aspect which represents the main task of ensuring the safety, comfort and tranquility of visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque, monitoring the entrances of the Prophet’s Mosque, and watching all what is happening through closed-circuit TV cameras and deploying security personnel around the clock in the crowded places, as well as monitoring and circumventing all negative phenomena,” he said.

Brig. Al-Mishhan added that security forces at the Prophet’s Mosque help control the crowds by keeping passages free so worshiper are able to enter either through the external passages or inside the Prophet’s Mosque.

The commander of the security force of the Prophet’s Mosque underlined that the security forces also carry out several humanitarian tasks such as taking care of lost children and reuniting them with their parents, helping the elderly and people with special needs by guiding them and providing them with assistance and advice.
“The personnel also offer emergency services to those who need it in coordination with the Saudi Red Crescent Authority,” noted Brig. Al-Mishhan.

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