Sheen hits back at ex over non-disclosure agreement

Sheen hits back at ex over non-disclosure agreement

Los Angeles, June 18 (IANS) Actor Charlie Sheen has blasted a former girlfriend who accused him of forcing her to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) after telling her he was HIV-positive, insisting she was desperate to hang out with him.

According to new documents, the actor has denied he coerced the unnamed woman to sign anything, and said she is lying, reports

Sheen said she agreed to sign the NDA “without incident or objection” because she wanted to be with him, and she is now in violation of the deal.

The actor said he requires all the people in his life to sign an NDA.

The woman is suing Sheen as Jane Doe, claiming he exposed her to HIV by not revealing all about his condition. She also said that she signed the agreement out of fear of Sheen’s handlers.

As for her claims, the actor hid his condition from her before they were intimate. However, he insists she knew about his HIV status when they met.

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