‘Shotgun Wedding’ script left Jennifer Coolidge laughing ‘really hard’

‘Shotgun Wedding’ script left Jennifer Coolidge laughing ‘really hard’

Mumbai, Jan 19 (IANS) Hollywood star Jennifer Coolidge, who recently won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series/Anthology or Motion Picture made for her work in ‘The White Lotus’, laughed “really hard” after she read the script of ‘Shotgun Wedding’ because despite the stakes running at all time high, the script never brought a dull moment for her.

‘Shotgun Wedding’ presents a hilarious blend of one-liners, a dream cast and a story that will leave the viewers clutching onto their stomach in laughter. Coolidge will be seen portraying an extraordinary role of Carol Fowler in the film.

She said, “I really liked that it was high stakes, incredibly high stakes in the story. It was like one of those scripts where you read and you’re like it’s making me laugh really hard. I just remember reading the dialogue between Darcy and Tom, the two leads, and I just thought it was hilarious, like death was around the corner every two seconds and yet they were having this sort of hilarious dialogue.”

The film also stars Coolidge’s namesake, Jennifer Lopez and also Josh Duhamel. Heaping praise on her co-star, CoolidgeA said, “Jennifer is beyond being likeable. She’s charming and also very sort of seductive and like, you know, she’s really ripe for this part. I mean, she’s just so mesmerising when we’re filming. The combination of her and the beautiful sex bomb, and then Josh Duhamel, the combo of those two, it’s really something. We all live together in the same place for the whole run of the movie and it is the greatest group of people and they really make it a fun experience.”

‘Shotgun Wedding’ will stream in India on Lionsgate Play from January 27.

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