Singer Assala says war-torn Syrians dream of ‘merciful death’

Cairo: Syrian singer Assala Nasri took to Instagram on the verge of tears to share a few words on the ongoing situation in her war-torn homeland, Syria.

Assala wrote on Saturday that no words can express the amount of bitterness felt by the Syrian people.

Her comments follow airstrikes launched by the US, France and the UK against the Syrian regime on Saturday, which focused on areas in the capital Damascus and the city of Homs. The airstrikes targeted the regime’s ability to use chemical weapons.

“In words mixed with tears and pain, no one would understand the amount of bitterness and pain among people who dream of a merciful death, my people over there are asking us to pray for them to rest, as hope is lost, and their dreams are now dead.”

Ever since the start of the Syrian tragedy, Assala has been declaring her opposition to Bashar Assad’s regime.


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