Sonia Gandhi formed Telangana State after seeing sufferings of its people: Meira  Kumar

Hyderabad, June 2 (NSS): Former Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar today said Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi had created the separate Telangana State after seeing the sufferings of the people of the region.

The formation of the State ceremony was held under the aegis of the Congress party at Gandhi Bhavan. Speaking at a gathering organised on the occasion, Meira  Kumar said she would like to thank Sonia for understanding the pain of the people of Telangana and added that the people of the State  had  been cheated by all. She said no one had heard about the Telangana issue and added that only Sonia understood the people of Telangana.

She said they had  created the Telangana State  within the framework of the Constitution and added that tt was ridiculous to say that Telangana was formed against the constitution. “I am happy that nine years have passed since the formation of Telangana, but things have not changed in Telangana in the last nine years. The problems of Telangana farmers and workers remain unchanged. The Congress will work to change the sufferings of Telangana people. There should be a change in the lives of the people of Telangana. The idea of the Congress is to move forward with all of them. Whenever you call, I will come to Telangana as soon as I get a call. The Congress should bring the government in Telangana,” she added. (NSS)

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