Sotheby’s to auction Egyptian actress Sherihan’s photo

Author: ARAB NEWSSun, 2017-11-05 03:00ID: 1509821795556107600JEDDAH: Sotheby’s Auction House is set to auction a 30-year-old photo of Egyptian actress Sherihan, signed by the Lebanese photographer Fouad El-Koury, in Dubai on Nov. 13.The black and white photo, which dates back to 1987, depicts Sherihan sitting alone in a movie theater and is worth between $18,000 and $25,000. It was acquired directly from the artist by the present owner in 2010. Describing the piece, Sotheby’s website said: “Fouad El-Khoury captures the illustrious Egyptian actress and singer, Sherihan. Pictured here in black and white, seated with her lips slightly parted and eyes transfixed, Sherihan is spellbound as she gazes toward the foreground. A woman who is usually the object of the eye, is now part of the audience. El-Khoury manipulates the gaze of the viewer, who paradoxically becomes the star of the screen. “Oddly, the actress is in an empty theater. The theater, a place ordinarily associated with collective gathering, is shown here as an isolating experience; undoubtedly serving as an allegory of the Lebanese War. Sherihan looks on in amazement, watching and waiting as the viewer does. El-Khoury’s Sherihan eludes understanding, and leaves the viewer wondering whether we are complicit in this considered act of looking, or whether we are simply blind to the action on stage or screen.”Sherihan previously revealed her plan to return to acting after a long absence caused by illness.
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