State High Court on Friday directed the TRS Government to invite the striking RTC employees

Hyderabad, Oct.18 (NSS): The State High Court on Friday directed the TRS Government to invite the striking RTC employees on Saturday at 10.30 am and commence negotiations to resolve the crisis. The government was also directed to ensure that the process of discussions to settle the demands of the employees should be completed in three days.

Asserting that the issue concerns not just the employees or government, the court observed it’s  a people’s problem also.  It directed the government to report the outcome of the negotiations to the court on October 28 and advised the RTC employees to call of the strike immediately.

Earlier the court took a very serious view about the state administration not showing any intent to resolve the ongoing fortnight-long RTC Strike. The Court once again came down heavily on the TRS Government for it’s “adamant attitude” to sort out the issue through negotiations with the striking employees.

After the three-day deadline set by the High Court to the state government to amicably settle the crisis through discussions across the table ended today without any sign of settlement, the issue came up for hearing again by the court when the counsels for both the government and the RTS employees presented their arguments.

Reminding that in spite of the three-day time set by it to resolve the strike, the court quipped that the state government had not taken up a step forward to end the deadlock. The RTC employees have called for a state-wide bandh on Saturday and all the trade unions and even private taxis have extended their support. What steps the government has taken to ensure that people were not subjected to hardships, the court questioned the counsel representing the government. To this it was informed that the administration has taken all required measures to ensure that the bandh would in no way affect normal life.

When asked why the government has not taken steps to appoint a Managing Director to the RTC  which could have helped in initiating a dialogue with the employees, the government counsel observed that the government could ill afford in this aspect due to severe financial crunch. Moreover the present Transport Secretary was an experienced officer and was capable to deal with the issue, it was explained. Then why not make the Transport Secretary as MD, the court quipped for which there was response.

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