Stop the Captagon drug barons

Stop the Captagon drug barons

By Ahmed Khan, The Rahnuma Daily Editor-In-Chief (Online English Edition), @editor_therahnuma,

Riyadh (Rahnuma) I am not entirely aware of the amount of money the government spends each year on its war against drug trafficking and to cure the harm it causes to society. However, I am conscious of the relentless efforts and measures are taken by the government in its battle against smuggling of narcotics into the country and curbing its propagation through the length and breadth of the nation.

I have keenly studied the rehabilitation programs designed for the affected, and I found these substantial for recovery. Considering the plight of addicts, it is enough evidence to prove that drugs ruin lives and tears families apart.

Captagon is one of the most treacherous drugs being smuggled into Saudi Arabia and the wider Gulf region as I pour out my concerns through this article. The wily smugglers ceaselessly outsmart authorities by resorting to ingenious ways of disguising contraband. For instance, stuffing narcotics inside fruits and vegetables and other perishables that are consumed.

In a groundbreaking revelation, a Lebanese news website Janoubia recently exposed the illegal activity carried out by 60 dastardly factories that manufacture Captagon in Lebanon to be shipped to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. It also reported that the mass production of Captagon pills has begun in Syria in plain sight and it is no secret that these factories are protected by the government of Bashar Al-Assad.

A plethora of questions springs out of my consciousness when I came across the disclosure through the Jordanian website. It defeats me when I ponder on how these factories were able to import the machinery needed to manufacture Captagon!?

The kickbacks received by the government of Syria from the sale of the drug is being channeled to terrorist groups in the region.

It makes my heart bleed when I contemplate on the reasons that might be blurring the resolution of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries to act against the government of Lebanon for utterly failing to stop the drug barons from operating on its home territory? Is this issue not in the nation’s interest? Is this not a scourge to society?

Since this is a serious matter of a nation’s health, it is imperative that the government take immediate steps to restrain the menace of drug trafficking and substance abuse. The longer it takes for governments to act, the greater will be the damage done to society. Beware, drugs are like termites, they will hollow out the tree even before you take note of it.

Ahmed Khan is the Editor-In-Chief & Publisher of The Rahnuma Daily (, the online English daily edition of The Rahnuma-E-Deccan Daily (ReDD), India’s oldest Urdu daily print newspaper.  Established in 1921, ReDD is ranked by the INA (Indian Newspaper Association) as among the top five most widely circulated Urdu newspapers in India. Ahmed resides in Hyderabad at his maternal ancestral home with his uncle H.E. Mr. Syed Vicaruddin, Editor-In-Chief, Publisher, The Rahnuma-E-Deccan Daily. He can be contacted at, @editor_therahnuma,

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