Surveys Say Majority of People are in Favour of TRS

Hyderabad, (Rahnuma) Many surveys have predicted a clear victory for the ruling TRS in the present  Assembly elections in the State.  The latest survey  conducted by the     Centre for Psychology  Studies, a body reputed for correct surveys,    has clearly mentioned that the ruling  TRS is sure to secure as many as 90 to 104 seats in the 119 member Asse

mbly, while the Congress led Kutami will be confined only to 16 to 21 seats.  In spite of  Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a number of Union Minister’s campaign, the BJP is likely to get only one or two seats,  it said.  The survey predicted that TRS will se

cure 49.7 per cent votes, while the Kutami will get 32.3 per cent votes and the BJP 9.1 per cent.   It further said that 50.80 per cent of men and 48.20 per cent of women were in favour of  the Car (TRS),  while 31.2 pedr cent of men and 31.4 per cent of women are in favour o

f the Kutami.
Another survey conducted by the Association for the Democratic Reforms has revealed that the people are in favour of the TRS and 62 per cent of the people said that they  were fully satisfied with KCR’s rule and they would  vote on the basis of CM’s performance, and not   on the basis of the candidate.
A latest survey  by India Today  Political Stock Excha

nge  has predicted  that the TRS  will be victorious once again in the present elections, as   more than half the people are in it’s favour.
Another survey  jointly conducted by Namasthe Tela

ngana and T News, has said that TRS  is likely to  bag 98 to 108 seats, while MIM will get seven and the Kutami  only 2 to 8 seats. The survey  revealed that the people are highly appreciative of the welfare schemes implemented by the TRS government.  The survey was conducted by taking the views of 1,11,525 persons across the State. (NSS).

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