Talks only way to resolve Pakistan issue: Ex-RAW chief

Talks only way to resolve Pakistan issue: Ex-RAW chief

Jaipur, Aug 17 (IANS) The issues with Pakistan can be resolved only through talks, as one needs to cooperate, talk and listen in order to strike peace and progress with any individual, said former chief of RAW and Special Director-IB A.S. Dulat on Friday.

“In Kashmir, we have closed our ears and are taking pride in instilling a muscular policy. Force does not work, we need to win the hearts and minds of the people. We also need to have the will to have peace. There are no excuses to not resolve an issue,” said Dulat, also a former IPS officer, who was discussing his latest book “The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI And The Illusion of Peace” Ashok Club in Jaipur.

The former RAW chief and his counterpart in Pakistan’s ISI, Asad Durrani, have come together to pen down their memories, experiences, visions and perceptions on various issues.

Talking about the book, Dulat said in a way, this book is a continuation of his first book “Kashmir: The Vajpayee Years”.

Throwing light on ISI, he said that its officers are quite similar to RAW officers except they are in uniforms and enjoy much more autonomy.

Having worked closely with Vajpayee, Dulat reminisced that he was a colossus of a man “the likes of whom we’ll not see in a long time”.

The only way of dealing with Kashmir and Pakistan is the “Vajpayee way”, he said.

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