‘Taxpayers’ money looted in Smart City Project’, claims Goa Cong

‘Taxpayers’ money looted in Smart City Project’, claims Goa Cong

Panaji, May 25 (IANS) Alleging that taxpayers’ money is being looted openly while executing substandard work in Panaji Smart City project, the Congress in Goa on Thursday demanded an investigation “to nab those involved”.

Congress leader Elvis Gomes, addressing a press conference, alleged that “board members of Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd are involved in this corruption of Rs 1,140 crore”.

“Panaji BJP MLA and Revenue Minister Atanasio Monserrate has admitted that the ongoing work of Panaji ‘Smart City’ is sub-standard. He is part of the government. Hence, when the government admits corruption, then an FIR should be registered against those involved. The investigation into smart city scams should be done by a judicial officer,” Gomes said.

“While carrying out work in smart city project, people’s money is being robbed openly. This government has no right to continue. Monserrate and others who are involved in this can’t escape from this corruption. They are part of it,” Gomes said.

“We demand action. Taxpayers’ money is robbed in daylight. It is a Rs 1,140 crore scam. What has the government done to investigate it?” he questioned.

“There should be a weekly ‘e-tour’ giving information about work carried out. They are required to show progress of work. Have they shown it, they never showed it,” Gomes said.

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