Technology drives modern governance: President Kovind

[India], Dec 27 (ANI): President Ram Nath Kovind on Wednesday said that the world is moving towards a paradigm where technology is not just an optional add-on to governance but drives modern governance.

“We are moving towards a paradigm where technology is not just an optional add-on to governance – but more or less drives modern governance. In a 24/7 hyper-connected world, governments and administrations cannot afford to be reactive; they have to be online, on time and on the ball. Technology is the enabler that allows this,” the President said.

He made the statement after inaugurating four projects- Andhra Pradesh Fibregrid, Andhra Pradesh Surveillance Project, Drone Project; and Free Space Optical Communication or FSOC system of the state government during an event in Velagapudi, Andhra Pradesh.

The President further said that the integration of technology with the entire range of government responsibilities is worthy of appreciation.

He stressed on the growing use of data and internet access much like the basic necessity and appreciated the Andhra Government for taking initiative in this matter.

“We are moving towards a plug-and-play system where it will be the norm for houses and office spaces to come pre-configured with broadband connectivity. In a sense, the state has understood the future,” he added.

Discussing the benefits of the Internet, the President said it is beneficial for every section of the society right from common citizens to farmers and small producers in rural areas.

Describing data connectivity as a tool of human empowerment and of social change, the president said that even digital classrooms and telemedicine can help the people leapfrog traditional handicaps.

He also appreciated Andhra Pradesh government plan to use drones for providing Real Time Information for Governance and said the model should be followed by other states as well.

The president also attended a briefing on the Real Time Governance at the RTG Centre in the Secretariat Building of the Government of Andhra Pradesh. (ANI)

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