‘Terrorist attack’ behind Venezuela power cut: Maduro

‘Terrorist attack’ behind Venezuela power cut: Maduro

ANKARA  (Rahnuma) : Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday said Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant was hit by a “terrorist attack” on late Wednesday.

“The recent terrorist attack against the Guri’s transmission yard, caused a fire that was quickly confined by workers, firemen and professionals of the #FANB [National Bolivarian Armed Forces],” Maduro said on Twitter.

“We’ve never seen a terrorist attack like this, it was carried out with arms, in a vital area for the transmission of electricity,” he wrote and called on workers of Corpoelec, the country’s national electricity corporation, to protect all public services.

According to local media, Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant was attacked by long-barreled weapons in the Guri region on Wednesday night.

Venezuela immediately launched repair efforts for the service of electricity, Maduro said.

He blamed the U.S. and Juan Guaido, the country’s self-proclaimed president, for the attack.

From March 7 to 13, Venezuela was plunged into darkness with power cuts hitting 22 out of 23 states.

Corpoelec claimed the breakdown was due to “sabotage” and Maduro blamed the U.S. for the power shortage.

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