The future of solar power is getting brighter in Saudi Arabia

The future of solar power is getting brighter in Saudi Arabia

RAMALLAH (RAHNUMA): In a move towards a cleaner and more energy-sustainable future for Saudi Arabia, a green installation at this year’s Dakar Rally’s NEOM bivouac has set the stage for ramping up solar energy provisions across the Kingdom.

Desert Technologies, a Saudi solar energy firm, in cooperation with the French company Green Corp Konnection, set up two solar energy containers dubbed “Sahara,” that generated 62 kilowatts of power to partially operate NEOM’s assembly area for rally drivers. This new venture will not only be a job creator, but will also pave way for marketing Saudi-made solar panels.“The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 will create unprecedented jobs for engineers and clean alternative energy that will benefit everyone,” said Khaled Ahmed Sharbatly, the executive partner of Desert Technologies.

“We work through the company’s factory in Jeddah to collect and market solar panels produced in Saudi Arabia for use in exhibitions, schools, mosques, factories, warehouses and soon homes all over the Kingdom to reduce the kilowatt price for companies and individuals.”

Operating in complete silence — in comparison with diesel generators — the portable Sahara solar containers at

NEOM, one 20 feet in length and the other 40 feet, were able to provide clean energy day and night, thanks to their pack of energy storage batteries.

Dr. Musaed Al-Assaf, vice chairman of the Desert Technologies Company, said that this industry has a safer and more sustainable environmental approach to producing electricity that contributes to an environmental revolution, creating a sustainable industry within Saudi Arabia and preparing for an innovative and regionally competitive local industry.

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