Therapyline launches free worldwide on demand emotional support direct messaging hotline for Muslims

Therapyline launches free worldwide on demand emotional support direct messaging hotline for Muslims

(RAHNUMA) Therapyline, a free anonymous distress line launched out of Detroit, Michigan this week to help bring 24 hour peer to peer anonymous emotional support to distressed individuals worldwide. Trained Muslim volunteer listeners man their keyboard, not phone lines, to provide mental health support and even just general interaction via direct messaging from the Therapyline website.

Therapyline works similar to a distress or mental health hotline except it uses direct messaging to connect volunteers to distressed individuals, not phone lines which eliminates regional restrictions. After going to the Therapyline website and creating an account users can browse and choose from a list of Muslim listeners, after choosing their listener they can then use the messaging feature to start communicating with them. Individuals can also choose to be a listener by completing a free 10 minute online training session.

Founder Faisal Khan created Therapyline after a friend he knew from overseas had mentioned a few times about needing someone to talk to and that there were no local hotlines available and that the hotlines in Europe and North America were inaccessible for him.

“The best part of this service is that since our listeners take direct messages from their personal accounts on the Therapyline website they can provide culturally sensitive emotional support for Muslims and non Muslims located anywhere in the world.” Says founder Faisal Khan.

World events over the years have led to depression and anxiety among Muslims and Non Muslims alike, therapyline is not only looking to provide a place where both Muslims and non Muslims can get anonymous secure emotional support for things like stress, anxiety, depression, addiction and more but also where Non Muslims can perhaps have a chance to meet a Muslim and open some dialogue if they want.

“In a time where world wide anxiety is at an all time high for both Muslims and Non Muslims alike, a platform like this can really help a lot of people out and hopefully even start building bridges between communities.” Mr Khan hopes.

Anyone interested in getting free anonymous help or signing up as a listener can go to,

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