This Mosque in Tolichowki, Hyderabad has most kids offering fajr prayers

By Syed Imran

Jama Masjid of Salarjung Colony promises kids to give gifts for praying fajr regularly

Hyderabad 09 Nov (Rahnuma) I am an avid traveler and I take a keen interest in visiting places that are abuzz with activity. So it happened, I paid a visit to my aunt’s house this Thursday who I hadn’t seen in a while. She dwells in an apartment that is located in the most happening patch of the city, Towlichowki. Since it was late at night, I planned to stay at her place the next day.

The next morning, I woke up to offer Fajr Salah. I went to the grand Mosque nearby, the Jama Masjid of Salarjung Colony. I heard a murmur as I entered the masjid, my feet staggered as I was stopped in my tracks by the sight my eyes beheld. It was a delightful sight, one that was awe-inspiring. I was looking down at a gathering of 50 odd children, an assembly of kids aged between 7 to 14 and more who had come to the Masjid to offer Fajr Salah.

I grew curious as it has become uncommon to see a bunch of kids waiting patiently to offer Fajr Salah. I approached them with a broad smile on my face and questioned a few to find the reason behind this urge. I was educated by a couple of kids who are from Kakatiya Nagar and Salar Jung Colony that the Masjid committee has initiated a program that rewards the children with a gift who regularly offers Fajr Salah every morning for 40 days.

The child in me blushed to realize the temptation of a reward. A few others who are from Langar Houz, khaderbagh expressed with a straight face that they are not here for the lure of the gift but rather for gaining Allah Almighty’s mercy and kindness. By the time my inquiries ceased, it was time for the Jamat.

After offering Salah, I rose up and made it towards a managing committee member of the mosque. I spoke with him on length regarding this program, as I probed further I came to know through him that this Mosque has 75 children registered for so far which is an overwhelming number and more are joining in as the word’s spreading.

He emphasized that the program is not just to inculcate the habit of offering Fajr Salah among the children and adolescent, but to make them responsible and practicing Muslims in every aspect of Islam.

I sat there for a while soaking in all I could, losing track of the time as I was captivated by the sight of my surroundings. I was jolted out of my reverie by the sound of the footsteps of the children leaving the Mosque.

It was time for me to bid adieu, I met and thanked the members of the committee for their efforts. Poured in my words of encouragement. I sauntered back towards my Aunt’s residence evoking all that I was educated on, it filled my thoughts ever so slightly like a wave hitting the shore. It was undeniably a torrent of pleasant memories.

Dear reader, just yesterday, which happens to be a Friday. I came across a news bit that is akin to what I saw in the Jama Masjid of Salarjung Colony. The Hajee Sir Ismail Sait Masjid in Bangalore’s Frazer Town gifted bicycles to children who attended Fajr salah for 40 days on a stretch. The masjid committee sponsored the whole initiative, 99 bicycles were given to children who completed the 40 days of Salah and the rest were gifted wristwatches.

Similar ideas were previously implemented in Turkey, Egypt and other countries where children were rewarded with gifts such as bicycles for praying fajr in congregation 40 days in a row. Jama Masjid of Salarjung Colony, Tolichowki has taken this initiative in a good faith, hope, the beneficiaries will spread the message of Deen to their kith and kin.


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