This Muslim Cleric in Hyderabad Pushes to Spread Greenery

Moulana Waqar Pasha advocates environmentalism as key message of Islam's Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

Moulana Waqar Pasha a celebrated religious scholar from Qazipura, Hyderabad

Hyderabad (Rahnuma) Addressing a congregation on the eve of Milad-un-Nabi, the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Moulana Waqar Pasha a celebrated religious scholar from Qazipura, Hyderabad, appealed to the Muslim community to plant a sapling in their surroundings to mark the birthday of the Prophet.

Expressing his concerns on the quality of air in the country, he asserted that greenery is an essential part of the existence of life on the planet and as responsible civilians, we should all protect and nurture our environment in any measure possible.

Taking a few references from the Holy Quran, He reminded the audience, that eleven times the word “tree” and its derivatives occur in the Holy Quran. Figs, Olives, Pomegranates, Grapes, Date Palms, Bottle Gourds, Ginger, Camphor and several other herbs find a mention. Thus emphasizing how indispensable flora is for the co-existence of everything that breathes on the planet.

Moulana Waqar Pasha commended the Telangana State Government for implementing Haritha Haram, which is a large-scale planting program started by the Government to increase the extent of greenbelt in Telangana. He took this instance to make a heartfelt entreaty to every person who was listening to his monologue to plant a sapling in their houses if space is scarce one can grow potted plants in cramped places that won’t occupy large spaces.

He further stressed on the importance given to plant life since the evolution in the field of botanical science in the 19th century. It has now been proven that plants and trees too are living beings and they sense and feel just like any other species that crawls, slithers and walks on Earth. In the past centuries due to a lack of advances in the field of Botany, people were not aware, even plants have a respiratory system that absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and releases oxygen which is vital for respiration.

Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) glorified vegetation more than 1400 years ago. He would restrain people from uprooting and cutting down trees for no rational purpose. When questioned, he would educate the masses that even trees have a life like us and their existence benefits all species of animals and humans.

Moulana Waqar Pasha vehemently aired his concerns on the quality of air in Delhi, the capital of India, and its surrounding states. According to a WHO (World Health Organization) survey, it is the worst polluted air of any major city in the world. Deaths due to air pollution is the 5th largest contributor to the mortality rate in India.

To avoid a similar scenario from happening to us in the future, he requested the gathering to spread awareness on greenery with family and friends by making them plant saplings throughout the month as part of Milad celebrations.

He accentuated how each sapling planted is equal to adding each day of life to Earth. He implored everyone present to spare a thought for the future generations who would end up inhaling poisonous air if we don’t care about the environment now and take action to preserve it.

On a closing note, he iterated. “Those who reflect upon the verses of the Quran find divine guidance for believers to love plants and trees, which remind them of the beauty of paradise.”

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