Till I’m there, Bijli, Pani, Swasth, Shiksha & Teerth will be free: Kejriwal

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal interacts with IANS leadership team of Sandeep Bamzai and Deepak Sharma during an exclusive interview with IANS, in New Delhi on Feb 6, 2020. (Photo: IANS)

New Delhi, Feb 6 (IANS) From agitationist to anarchist to terrorist, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwals short political journey has seen many upheavals and sobriquets heaped on him. With just two days to go for polling in the capital, a combative Kejriwal met the IANS leadership team of Sandeep Bamzai and Deepak Sharma and categorically told them that he believes the time has come for Kaam ki Rajniti rather than the divisive politics of hate by playing Hindus versus Muslims. Excerpts:

Q: The BJP says AAP will provide free water and power only for a few months if it comes back to power?

A: Till Kejriwal is there, it will all remain free. I am saying it on record to IANS. It is there in our manifesto and I give you my guarantee. Water, power, hospitals, schools, travel for women, pilgrimages for senior citizens, all will remain free till our government remains in power. There is no financial burden for us as the Budget is now showing profit while earlier in Sheilaji’s (ex-Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit) time it used to be in losses. Taxes have also been cut. I have saved all this money by reducing corruption .

Q: If the ballot boxes opened on February 11 show a ‘sweep’ by the AAP ‘jhadu’, what is the message this will convey to the electorate and to Indian democracy?

A: It is not a message from me but by the people of Delhi, which is that now people will vote only on issues like schools and hospitals, so this Hindu-Muslim issue will not work as people will reject it. They will reject caste politics.

If I’m a ‘Bania’, I don’t ask all Banias to vote for me. I only tell them that I have provided education for your children. Vote for me if you want good education for your kids, if you want good medical care for your families, if you want 24-hour power. These are the people who are my votebank. This is how we will build the new India of the 21st century. But this new India will not be built by hurling abuses and by doing Hindu-Muslim

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