Toll Tax to burden the commoners from April 1

Toll Tax to burden the commoners from April 1

Hyderabad, March 31 (RAHNUMA): Traveling on National Highways and Expressways across the country will become more burdensome now.

The National Highways Authority (NHAI) is all set to increase the toll tax from April 1. The increase on the existing tax will be 4 to 4.5 per cent on average. As a result, bus travel, which is a major public transport in the state, will become more burdensome. The prices of essentials, which are already skyrocketing with petrol and diesel prices, are likely to increase further with toll fees. As a result, the average life of the people will become heavy. According to the National Highways Fee (Determination of Rates and Collection) Rules-2008, the central government revises the toll taxes every year. As part of this, the toll tax, which has been increased this year too, will come into force from Saturday.

Last year, the NHAI increased toll tax by 10-15 per cent for various types of vehicles. At present per kilometre on national highways, it is Rs. 2.19. For example, while the current toll tax from Hyderabad to Nagpur is up to Rs.1000, after the increase, it is likely to be up to Rs.1100-1200.

While there are 32 toll gates on national highways on various routes within the state, more than Rs.1800 crores of toll tax is currently being collected from them. It is noteworthy that the centre has increased the toll charges by 300 per cent in the last nine years after the formation of Telangana. As the toll taxes are increased by 5 to 10 per cent every year, the burden of essential goods is increasing every year

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