TPCC demands Govt to suspend ongoing development works

Hyderabad, July 9 (NSS): The Official Spokes Person and Convenor of TPCC Covid-19 Task Force G.Niranjan today said that the State Government should suspend all developmental activities for the time being and concentrate upon containing Carona Virus to save the lives of the people. He said that the Development activities could be postponed and taken up after normalcy was restored and added that the lives of the people couldn’t be brought back.

“It is not possible for only Medical, Municipal and Police departments to curb this menace and all other departments also put their resources and man power to have coordinated efforts to face this Challenge. The advise of the Leaders to “learn cohabitation with Carona” should not mean and result in to losing of precious lives.

It seems the Medical, Municipal and police personnel are tired and lost their interest now a days in containing this pandemic,” he said.

Referring to the statements of state minister K.T. Rama Rao and other Ministers, he said that they showed their priorities on the developmental progress of the State than saving the lives of the people. He said that it seemed that the State Government was taking the grim situation lightly by leaving the lives of the citizens to their fate. He demanded the The State Government go give priority to save the lives of the people than developmental programs while noting that the Government should realise that the people would prefer and desire to protect their lives Irrespective of loosing their livelihoods.

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