Treatment of Cancer is easy if Diagnosed in Early Stages—Dr Venugopal

Hyderabad, May 26 (NSS): Dr Venugopal Arroju, Consultant Medical Oncologist & Hematologist of Yashoda Hospitals said they are conducting Cancer Awareness programs to dispel apprehensions about the dreaded disease and related issues among the general public.

            Speaking to media persons here, Dr Venugopal explained about misconceptions about cancer among the people, its symptoms, vulnerable people, laboratory tests required to confirm the killer disease and preventive measures and so on.

He said that after invention of chemo-therapy, radiation surgery and other modern methods, treatment of cancer has become possible.  If the disease is diagnosed at early stages, it could be cured early, he said and added that people should not neglect the disease. Loss of appetite, severe exhaustion, prolonged anemia, cough for a longer time, blood in phlegm, motions, blood in motions, indigestion are among the symptoms of the disease. Lack of adequate exercise, smoking and drnking, increase in body weight, not taking proper food and fruits are among the causes for the disease, he said.

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