TRS Govt cheating jobless Minority youth: Congress

Hyderabad, May 16 (NSS): Hyderabad City Congress (HCC) Minorities Department Chairman Sameer Waliullah today strongly condemned the TRS Government for not releasing funds to provide loans to jobless youth of minority communities in Telangana State.

In a media statement on Thursday, Sameer alleged that the TRS Government was deliberately delaying the implementation of schemes meant for eradication of unemployment among minority youth. He said the TRS Government has not spent a single rupee under any scheme since 2014 to give loans to jobless youth. He pointed out that of Rs 573.1 crore released for the first quarter of financial year 2019-20, only Rs 24.41 crore have been earmarked for bank-linked-subsidy scheme. If each youth is provided a loan of Rs 1 lakh, then only 2,441 youth would benefit from it.

“Over 1.53 lakh jobless youth of minority communities had applied for loan-cum-subsidy scheme in 2015-16. Nearly 8,000 applications were reportedly approved, but no one was given loan. Since then, the TRS Government stopped receiving loan applications and no funds were released under this head despite allocations made in annual budgets for the last five years,” he said.

He warned that the Congress party would launch a massive agitation if the TRS Government continues to deprive jobless minority youth of loans and other promised facilities. (NSS)

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