TRS Govt neglected people’s dreams and aspirations: Sonia Gandhi

Hyderabad, Nov 23 (INN): Comparing her relations with Telangana State with that of a mother and child, UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi said that she was pained looking at the  the condition of the new State.

Addressing a massive public meeting at Medchal on Friday evening, Sonia Gandhi delivered one of the most emotional speeches while embossing her relationship with Telangana. She began her speech by extending greetings on the occasion of ‘Karthika Purnima’ to the people of Telangana. “Today I’m feeling as happy as a mother would feel after looking at her child,” she said in her opening remarks.

She said formation of Telangana was not an easy task and it was created several difficulties. She said it were the sentiments and spirit of people of Telangana that strengthened her resolve, along with Dr. Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi, to take such a major decision while keeping the interest of both people of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in mind. She said Telangana was given by the Congress party after a heavy prices and suffering huge political loss. “We did not do injustice to the people of Andhra Pradesh and made several provisions including Special Category Status to do justice,” she said and assured that the Congress was still committed for granting the SCS for AP.

Sonia Gandhi said every mother wants her children to grow and prosper properly, live a happy life and wish for fulfilment of all their dreams. However, she said, she feels pained after looking at the conditions in Telangana. “The development which should have happened did not take place. The dream which you have seen at the time of Telangana formation, remained unaccomplished. “Neeru, Nidhulu, Niyamakalu” (water, funds and employment) did not reach the people. Farmers did not get water or support and their conditions turned so worse that many farmers committed suicide, she said.

She also slammed the TRS Government for not implementing the Land Acquisition Act introduced by previous UPA Government to ensure justice for displaced farmers. She said jobs were not given to youth causing them huge disappointment. Stating that she used to speak about the success of women SHGs with huge proud wherever she went in India, she alleged that TRS Government finished the relevance of women Self Help Groups. Dalit, Girijans, minorities and other weaker sections remained disappointed. “What TRS did to change the lives of youth, students and women? They did everything for themselves and their loved ones,” she said.

Referring to the unkept promises of TRS Government, Sonia Gandhi said that people who are not committed to their words were not reliable and lack credibility. “If a child is not taken care immediately after birth, he faces several difficulties in his life in future. Unfortunately, your lives fell into the hands of those who took care of themselves, but left you alone to your fate,” she said.

Sonia Gandhi said elections provide people an opportunity to get rid of their difficulties. She said that the Congress party and its allies have studied, understood and compiled the needs of all sections of the society in the manifesto. Therefore, she said people should realise the power of their vote and use it to teach their betrayers a lesson in next elections. She appealed to the people to vote for the Congress and our allied parties in the elections to play a role in real development of Telangana.

She concluded her speech with the slogans “Jai Hind, Jai Telangana”.

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