Twitter mulls over need of password on student loan account

New Delhi: Twitter is uproaring over a new thing – the need of password on student loan accounts.A Twitter user posted about the mess faced by her while trying to log in to her student loan account to make payments and the users have not left the issue alone since then.She posted, “My student loan account is locked for an hour bc i entered my password wrong twice. who the hell do they think is trying to break in and pay my loans for me. why would i want to prevent that. Pleas let them in”.Since then, the post has got 18,770 retweets and 113,495 likes, till the time this story was posted.A user posted, “It’s like banks asking you ‘who can deposit money into your account?’ obviously, anyone who wants to”.Another user tweeted, “I’m not gonna lie, everytime I read of a “data breach” or “hack” I secretly pray to all gods, any gods that finally some noble hacker group finally wiped out student debt”.”Why can’t hacker groups do something really useful and clear all our student debt”, lamented another user.A user wrote, “This, frequently. My loan password available upon request for all you out there looking to pay”.A whole lot of people are questioning why such security measures are needed to stop people from making payments to a student loan, when most people would gladly welcome the help.

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