U.S. accuses Iran of posing threat to regional security

U.S. accuses Iran of posing threat to regional security

WASHINGTON (Rahnuma) U.S. officials on Thursday displayed various Iran-related weapons, claiming they were new evidence of Iran’s threat to regional security.

The weapons, exhibited at a military base in Washington, included various missiles, unmanned aerial system, and small arms, which were seized or recovered by Saudi Arabia and other regional countries, according to a statement issued by the State Department on Thursday.

Brian Hook, U.S. special representative for Iran, said Iran provided these weapons to Houthis, Taliban and other militant groups, claiming it was “a function of Iran’s relentless commitment to put more weapons into the hands of even more of its proxies, regardless of the suffering.”

“This display today helps educate people on this clear and present threat that we face,” he said, adding: “We are one missile attack away from a regional conflict.”

Hook claimed that the pressure campaign targeting Iran would yield two concrete benefits: starving Iran’s revenue to destabilize the region and forcing Iran to come back to the negotiating table so that the United States can get a better deal.

Hook also urged “all nations, especially the European Union, to move missile sanctions through the European Union so that we can start managing the risk of a regional conflict through missile proliferation.”

Washington has intensified its sanctions against Tehran after U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to exit the Iran nuclear deal in May, a move that has been criticized widely by the international community.

In early November, the United States put 700 Iranian individuals, entities, vessels, and aircraft on the sanctions list, including major Iranian banks, oil exporters, and shipping companies.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has blasted the U.S. sanctions as “economic terrorism.”

If they are honest and concerned about regional security, this is not the path, Rouhani said, adding that the “cruel” U.S. sanctions will only harm the Iranian people.

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