U.S. aims to further isolate Iran at Warsaw conference

U.S. aims to further isolate Iran at Warsaw conference

DAMASCUS, Feb. 14 (Rahnuma): During the Middle East security conference in Warsaw, the United States aims to further isolate Iran internationally by urging Western allies to follow its lead in tightening the noose on Tehran, analysts say.

During the Thursday session of the U.S.-backed conference in Poland, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence called for his country’s European allies to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

He also urged the Western allies to stop efforts, which he said are designed to evade U.S. sanctions.

Pence also accused Iran of being the greatest state sponsor of terrorism in the World.

The remarks are the latest escalation by the administration of President Donald Trump against Iran.

Maher Ihsan, a Syrian journalist and a political expert, told Xinhua that the United States is saving no effort to practice more pressure on Iran.

“Washington is not pleased with the influence of Iran in the Middle East and a big part of the pressure is what the Israelis have been asking for,” he said.

The expert added that in terms of Syria, the United States said it will withdraw its forces from the country.

He noted, however, that the United States wants to see the withdrawal of Iranian-backed forces from Syria first.

“We see repeated Israeli strikes in Syria over the pretext of targeting Iranian forces, which explains the U.S. and Israeli tension over the presence of Iran in Syria,” he said.

Ihsan said the priority of the United States in the time being is to see Iran suffocated economically so that it could be no danger on the Israeli and U.S. interests in the region.

The United States further linked peace of the world with Iran.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the world “can’t achieve peace and security in the Middle East without confronting Iran.”

Meanwhile, Ahmad al-Ashqar, another expert, said that the economic weapon of the United States is aimed at Iran because Washington cannot engage in a direct war with Tehran.

Al-Ashqar said that while the declared goal behind the conference is to promote peace and security in the Middle East, the remarks of the U.S. officials reflect one desire only, which is isolating Iran.

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