U.S. unwilling to lose global dominance, experts say

U.S. unwilling to lose global dominance, experts say

BEIRUT (Rahnuma):  The United States is unwilling to lose its global dominance, taking aggressive and hostile measures against many countries, including trade frictions with China, said Lebanese experts.

It is not the first time that the United States waged such “wars”, Hanna Gharib, head of the Lebanese Communist Party, told Xinhua.

“For the United States, no other country is allowed to advance technologically and scientifically. These are not new wars. It waged such wars against a lot of countries in the world such as Japan and Iraq,” Gharib said.

In an escalation of trade tensions, the United States increased tariffs on 200 billion U.S. dollars worth of Chinese goods from 10 percent to 25 percent as of May 10, and has threatened to raise tariffs on more Chinese imports.

In response, China raised additional tariffs on a range of U.S. imports on June 1.

Gharib also slammed the United States for taking so-called protective measures because of the big trade deficit with China. “The trade deficit is not only existent with China. It exists between U.S. and most of the countries in the world,” he said.

Lebanese political researcher Adnan Bourji assured that U.S. protectionist policy towards China will lead to a worldwide economic slowdown.

He added that Americans themselves will be impacted by these policies, with estimations that the Americans “will incur over 2,000 dollars per family annually due to this protectionist policy.”

“The agriculture sector will also be the most impacted in the United States. This policy is irrational and illogical while it cannot succeed and stay in the long term,” he added.

Similarly, Gharib said this war will not only impact China but also populations all over the world including the American people, and warned that it is “a very dangerous indicator.”

Besides, Washington’s aggressive and unilateral measures globally and specifically in the Arab region were also criticized by the experts.

Doureid Yaghi, vice president of Lebanon’s Progressive Socialist Party, said that the United States wants to impose its conditions on the world without submitting to any agreements or treaties.

Gharib noted that the Arab world already had its own disappointing experience with Washington, adding that the United States targets any Arab country that does not support its goals in the region.

Yaghi praised China for adopting an approach based on boosting development all over the world and mutual benefit and interests among countries, mentioning the Belt and Road Initiative, which meets the interests of all people involved.

Bourji said economic policies all over the world are in need for change.

“This phenomenon should be spread in the world in the coming period, the phenomenon of cooperation, mutual benefit and openness with everybody being capable of winning according to their work and capacities,” he said.

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