UK: Football legend Alex Ferguson regains consciousness

UK: Football legend Alex Ferguson regains consciousness

LONDON : Legendary English football manager Sir Alex Ferguson is awake and recovering after emergency brain hemorrhage surgery he had last Saturday, according to local reports.

Ferguson’s first words to his family after the surgery were about football, as he asked for the Doncaster Rovers’ result from the weekend, The Sun reported.

“How did Doncaster get on?” he wanted to know.

Ferguson’s son and Doncaster manager Darren Ferguson had to miss the club’s final game of the season against Wigan as news about his father emerged.

Ferguson also joked about flying to Kiev in two weeks’ time for the Champions League final, the tabloid said.

“The procedure has gone very well but he needs a period of intensive care to optimize his recovery,” his former club Manchester United said following the surgery on Saturday.

Ferguson, who retired from active football in 2013 after managing Manchester United for 27 years, is 76 years old.

He started his career playing for ManU and moved on to play for various clubs such as the Wolves, Sparta Rotterdam, Wrexham and Peterborough.

After retiring from the pitch, he managed such clubs as Peterborough and Preston North End.

Ferguson led Manchester United to win 13 Premier League titles, five FA Cups, and two Champions League championships during his 27-year management at Old Trafford.

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