Unite Against BJP to Save Democracy and Constitution: Salman Khursheed

Unite Against BJP to Save Democracy and Constitution: Salman Khursheed

Hyderabad, September 16, 2023: Senior Congress leaders visiting Telangana came together to urge the general public to unite in defense of democracy and the constitution. The Congress Working Committee members, who gathered at a dinner hosted by State Youth Congress Vice President and TPCC Research Department Chairman Aamer Javeed at Nizam Club in Hyderabad on Saturday evening, emphasized the importance of unity within the party and among the electorate in the ongoing battle against communalism, leading up to the Party’s rally in Hyderabad on 17th September.

Addressing a gathering of Congress leaders and Muslim intellectuals, senior Congress leader and Supreme Court advocate Salman Khursheed said, “the change in the basic structure of the constitution is the biggest threat to democracy. It’ll be similar to moving the earth under one’s feet and asking one to stand.”

While the country has a majority of non-Muslim population, Minorities too are a part of this country and the constitution guarantees them same rights, he said.

He said “what hurts Muslims must also hurt the Hindus and vice versa in a democracy. Only such an Outlook can protect the fabric of democracy and sanctity of constitution.”

Muslims who chose to live in India under Mahatma Gandhi ‘s guidance have sacrificed a lot for this country. He said the party may have made mistakes in the past, but it has learnt from the mistakes and is better prepared today, expressing confidence that it will succeed in the forthcoming elections.

Muslims have often endured second-class treatment by other parties. He said “Despite 99 percent of Muslim votes going to the Samajwadi Party in the recent Assembly elections, the party failed to form the government. That’s when many turned to the Congress party.” Khursheed expressed confidence that the party, by reclaiming 20 to 30 seats from the BJP in Uttar Pradesh, could significantly impact the political landscape.

Naser Hussain, Rajya Sabha MP and CWC member, added, “Majority communalism and minority communalism are two sides of the same coin. The rise of majority communalism is only possible when minority communalism allows it.

“We must critically analyze deliberations on burning issues.” He criticized certain political groups, and opposition parties, for playing divisive politics, which he believed contributed to the increase in majoritarianism in the country. Naser Hussain also called on the civil society groups, artists, writers, and others standing against the ruling party.

Hussain expressed disappointment with the BRS party for not joining the INDIA alliance, stating, “Once they win elections, they will join hands with the BJP.” He cited the example of Karnataka elections where setting aside egos and political differences unified backward classes under one platform, contributing to the Congress party’s victory. Hussain emphasized the importance of Muslim support in recent victories. He warned, “The upcoming elections are a chance to remove the warning bell. Failing this, the constitution of India will be at risk of being altered by unsecular and divisive forces.”

Speaking on the occasion, former cricketer and ex Member of Parliament Mohammed Azharuddin called upon party associates to unite above personal differences as one strong force. He urged them to set aside personal differences in favor of the party’s agenda of service.

The leaders collectively stressed the significance of respecting India’s diverse cultures and upskilling to understand the past, present, and future to lead effectively. They believed that their recent victories in Karnataka elections provided an opportunity to win the 2024 elections.

Prominent leaders in attendance including former Leader of Opposition in Telangana Mohammed Ali Shabbir and Telangana Pradesh Congress committee Vice President Zafar Javeed also spoke. Bihar CLP Leader Shakeel Ahmed Khan, Khusroo Pasha, and former Member of Parliament V. Hanumanth Rao were also present on this occasion.

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