Venezuela asks Interpol to arrest former opposition deputy

Venezuela asks Interpol to arrest former opposition deputy

CARACAS (Rahnuma) Venezuela’s government on Friday asked Interpol to issue an international arrest warrant against former opposition deputy Julio Borges.

Borges is wanted in connection to the failed assassination attempt against Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday.

Jorge Rodriguez, minister of communications and culture, said Borges, a right-wing opposition leader, must answer for his alleged involvement before the Venezuelan courts.

At a press conference, the minister showed a video in which opposition Deputy Juan Requesens talks about how Borges asked for his help to smuggle one of the prime suspects in the assassination plot out of the country and into neighboring Colombia.

In the video, Requesens said Borges contacted him several weeks ago, asking him to intervene with Colombian officials to allow Juan Carlos Monasterios entry.

The Venezuelan government has identified Monasterios as the mastermind behind the plot.

Requesens said they contacted Colombian immigration supervisor Mauricio Jimenez in an attempt to get Monasterios into Colombia.

According to Rodriguez, Requesens “is the key accomplice in the plot,” given that “he confesses his complicity in the failed assassination attempt,” and attests that “he did it under orders from Julio Borges.”

On Wednesday, Venezuela’s Constituent National Assembly voted to strip both Requesens and Borges of parliamentary immunity to move forward with the investigation.

Venezuela has requested extradition proceedings for those believed to be involved in the plot.

Maduro was unharmed, but seven soldiers were injured when two drones carrying explosives detonated near the presidential platform where he was giving a speech at a military ceremony.

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