Venezuela’s ANC president calls for defending gov’t

Venezuela’s ANC president calls for defending gov’t

CARACAS, (Rahnuma): Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly (ANC) President Diosdado Cabello called on the Venezuelan people to “defend” the government of President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday before the alleged coup occurred earlier.

“We invite all the people of Caracas, come to the Miraflores Palace (seat of government) immediately,” said Cabello.

Speaking to the television station VTV, Cabello said that from the “first hour” of Tuesday, President Maduro was checking and reviewing everything that had happened.

“We are already taking corresponding actions. They are fully identified. There are the same coup leaders as always, those who do not respect the rules of democracy,” Cabello said.

Local media showed through YouTube images of opposition leader Juan Guaido outside the aviation military base La Carlota, located in Altamira in the east of Caracas.

He called on civilians and military to act against the government and urged Maduro to step down.

Venezuela’s Communication and Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez said on Tuesday that the government is deactivating a small group of soldiers who attempted a coup d’etat.

“At the moment we are facing and deactivating a small group of traitor military personnel who positioned themselves in the Altamira to attempt a coup d’etat,” Rodriguez said.

“The FANB (National Bolivarian Armed Forces) stand firm in defense of the National Constitution and its legitimate authorities,” said Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez in his Twitter account.

He said that “all military units deployed in the eight regions of integral defense report normality in their barracks and military bases, under the command of their natural commanders.”

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