VIDEO: The moment a US marshal shoots a defendant dead in a courtroom drama

Author: ARAB NEWSThis shocking video footage captures the moment a US marshal shot a defendant dead as he attempted to lunge towards a witness.
The footage was taken from a 2014 trial in Utah, but a federal judge ordered its release on Monday.
The short video shows a member of the Tongan Crips street gang, Siale Angilau, standing up at the defense table and grabbing what is believed to be a pen or pencil before running to the witness stand and hurling himself towards him.
But before he could reach his intended victim US Marshal Jane Doe pulled out her gun and shot the defendant dead.

The witness was another gang member who was shackled. He managed to retreat into a corner of the courtroom and was not hurt.
In the video the officer is seen reaching for her gun and firing four shots at Angilau.
An FBI investigation later found the shooting was legally justified.
But Angilau family’s attorney, said a jury should see the video and make a decision about whether the marshal used appropriate force. 
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